Your Guide to a Fun Holiday at Wild Wild Wet for 5 Types of Fun Seekers

Feb 8, 2022, 14:07 PM by Kathleen Wong

At Wild Wild Wet, we have loads of adventure rides & relaxing attractions for families with little ones, shopaholics, adventure seekers, and so on. Read more!

Your Guide to a Fun Holiday at Wild Wild Wet for 5 Types of Fun Seekers

The upcoming weekend is calling for a visit to a relaxing place in Singapore, isn't it? If you’re looking for some fun and relaxing things to do this weekend for the whole family, Wild Wild Wet is the ultimate fun place for your family. 

From heart-stopping water rides that will leave adventure-seekers craving for more to seemingly never-ending lazy rivers for those looking to relax and lounge, Wild Wild Wet has something for every type of fun seeker. 

One of the best family outing places in Singapore, Wild Wild Wet has rides and attractions for everyone in the family, regardless of age and interest. Just bring along your swimming costumes ready, plan your rides out and get ready for a fun-filled sunny day out with your loved ones.

For A Little Rest and Relaxation

Rides aren’t exactly your thing, and you’re just looking for places to chill and relax in Singapore? Snooze away on the relaxing Shiok River! At a total of 335 metres in length, let the Shiok River float you on a lazy journey along the park’s perimeter, meandering through the lush greens of the park and leaving you relaxed and invigorated. 

The Jacuzzi Pool is also another one of the park’s favourites for adults! After a long week at work and at home, take a relaxing dip and let the bubbly water jets soothe your worries away.

For Families with Little Ones

Bringing your young ’uns with you and wondering if there are children’s outdoor activities? Good news! You and your kids can enjoy a little splish-splosh around the all-new kiddie pool at Splash Play. Colourful, exciting and vibrant, have a blast at the mini water slide playground. It’s not just fun for the kids, but also the parents!

We also recommend the Kidz Zone Water Theme Park which is hands down, one of Wild Wild Wet’s most kid-friendly family attractions that is an outdoor water playground. Equipped with a massive shallow wet playground for younger children and family rides that are pint-sized versions of the extreme water slides such as the Royal Flush and Kraken Racers for the older kids and parents, it has got your whole family covered.

There’s more! For toddlers to splash around in extra shallow water, Yippee is a shallow sloshing area suitable for children of all ages, filled with soft play equipment that’s perfect as a safe and stimulating environment for toddlers. It also has a fountain playground!

For Adventure Seekers

If you’re all about the fast and furious, you’re in for a treat! Vortex will be the perfect thrill ride for you. Deemed the nation’s first high-speed slide, the 360° extreme loops are set to syphon you into a towering maze of extreme twists and turns at absolute neck-breaking speeds. 

For maximum splash, thrill and speed, there’s nothing more thrilling than taking a plunge down Asia’s longest water slides, Free Fall. Plunging from 6 storeys at 50-ft per second, experience the rush of free fall on Singapore’s first near-vertical big splash slide!

The all-new Torpedo Singapore at the Wild Wild Wet adventure water park is set to impress! The first of its kind, this extreme thrill ride ejects you from a four-stories high launch chamber, sending you off on a manic trajectory of 360-degree loops at mind-numbing speeds of up to 70km/hr. Trust us, your weekend is going to be made!

For The Shopaholics

There is no reason for shopaholics to stop shopping when they’re in a water theme park, right? After all, what is a relaxing vacation without some retail therapy? Drop by Sun Paradise Plus, Singapore’s first swimwear and lifestyle shop which has everything you need for a sunny day in the water park. 

From swimwear to beachwear essentials, shop through a variety of lifestyle brands such as Le Coq Sportif, LP Support, Kettler and many others to your heart’s (and pocket’s) content!

For Big Eaters

Have you got some human piranhas in your household? Don’t fret! Unwind at the Ola Beach Club to some all-time favourite Hawaiian-inspired dishes and signature drinks, while you recharge for a second round of thrill rides. 

Get transported from a water park trip to an evening at a Honolulu beachside and eat and drink to your heart’s content with the tantalising array of good food, drinks and funky music. We’d go for the favourites around here, the Huli Huli Chicken and Loco Moco, both best when paired with Ola's signature tiki drinks that guarantee maximum satisfaction and pleasure. 

All set for a family vacation under the sun? Hop on over to Wild Wild Wet Singapore today and get your ticket online now. So don’t forget to get the Wild Wild Wet Day Pass to enjoy all our exciting family attractions all day or if you’re looking for unlimited access all year round, be our Wild & Wet Premium Member!