Top 5 Extreme Thrill Rides for Adrenaline Seekers Like You!

Dec 14, 2021, 11:49 AM by Kathleen Wong

For thrill seekers, Wild Wild Wet Singapore water theme park offers lots of adventure & high extreme rides from Free Fall, Vortex, Slide Up to Torpedo. Read more.

Top 5 Extreme Thrill Rides for Adrenaline Seekers Like You!

Calling all thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies in town! Wild Wild Wet is now open for you and your family and friends. Have a splashing good time at our heart-stopping water rides you shouldn’t miss out on! 

If you’ve never turned down an invitation to go on a high extreme water slide or the craziest thrill ride at a water theme park, this list is perfect to quench your thirst for the thrill! 

No matter what level of splash or speed you’re looking for, Wild Wild Wet promises a day of thrills and excitement for the whole family. From extreme loop rides to Asia’s longest free-fall water slide, there is something at this extreme water park for everyone!

Free Fall Water Slides

For maximum splash, thrill and speed, there’s nothing more thrilling than taking a plunge down Asia’s longest water slides, Free Fall. Plunging from a height of 6 storeys at 50-ft per second, experience the rush of the free fall on Singapore’s first near-vertical big splash slide!

You will be sure to get addicted to this ride after your first time as this adrenaline-pumping experience will leave you wanting more. Brace yourself and bring on your game face, because trust us, you will barely have time to scream as you slide down this thrilling near-vertical water slide at mind-boggling speeds, ending with a big splash!

Tip: Cross your legs and hands as you slide down this near-vertical ride to prevent any bumps and leaving with a cheeky wedgie!

Torpedo Extreme Water Ride

You’ve not experienced a heart-stopping thrill until you go on the all-new Torpedo Singapore at the Wild Wild Wet adventure water park. The first of its kind, this extreme thrill ride ejects you from a four-story high launch chamber, sending you off on a manic trajectory of 360-degree loops at mind-numbing speeds of up to 70km/hr.

As you anxiously wait for the trap door under your feet to open, get ready for a jaw-dropping, hair-raising and mind-numbing experience of a lifetime as you plummet down from an 18-metre high capsule and into the fastest and most twisty torpedo ride of your life. 

Tip: We know when riding high-speed extreme rides, it’s easy for us to forget to breathe. So, take a few deep breaths before the ride and remember to breatheeeee!

Vortex High-Speed Slide

If you’re all about the fast and the furious, the Vortex will be the perfect thrill ride for you! True to its name, Vortex Singapore is the nation’s first high-speed slide with 360° extreme loops that are set to syphon you into a towering maze of extreme twists and turns at absolute neck-breaking speeds. 

Reaching high on the thrill and speed levels, this exciting high speed slide brings you on a loopy, splashy journey from the launch chamber at 18-metres above the ground all the way through a maze of water tunnel slides at the speed of lightning!

Tip: If you get motion sickness easily, be sure to have some pills ready with you in case this slide gets a tad bit too loopy for you!

Slide Up Ramp Slide

The Slide Up ramp ride is definitely not for the faint-hearted, fair warning! Imagine plunging down a four-storey ramp, accelerating at mad speeds and soaring from one side to another until your momentum runs out! 

If you’ve always wanted to try skateboarding and flying through ramps? This U-shaped water slide is the ultimate slip and slide dream! Fueled by kinetic energy and momentum, be ready to be flung back-and-forth in thrilling oscillation as you zip down this speedy slide!

Tip: Children between 1.20m and 1.46m must be accompanied by an adult and children below 1.20m are strictly not permitted on this slide. 

Ular-Lah Water Slide Raft Ride

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of white water rafting? Guess what, you don’t need to travel to the great rapids to do so! Introducing Ular-Lah, Southeast East Asia’s first extreme water slide raft ride that sends riders splashing side-to-side in exciting locomotion all the way to the bottom. 

Ideal for thrill-seeking friends and families, the ride allows you an opportunity to experience braving the gushing rapids at high speeds with five other companions. Once on the float, all you need to do is hold on tight and enjoy the ride. White water rafting has never been this fun, truly!

Tip: Cross your legs with your float companions to secure your position on the float and make it harder for any of you to fall off the float. After all, where’s the fun when it’s not shared?

Ready to take on the rides of your life? Hop on over to Wild Wild Wet Singapore today and have a splashing good time with your family and friends! 

Be sure to get the Wild Wild Wet Day Pass to enjoy all our exciting rides all day. Alternatively, if you’re looking for unlimited access all year round, be our Wild & Wet Premium Member!