Sea-The-World with Us this School Holiday!

Jun 19, 2024, 14:32 PM by Joven Tee

Discover Wild Wild Wet Singapore's new Sea-The-World attraction! Enjoy 6 exciting waterpark features with vibrant colours for endless fun. Plan your visit now!

Sea-The-World with Us this School Holiday!

Still thinking of the places you can visit in Singapore with your family this weekend? We have exciting news to share!

Remember our old friend Professor’s Playground? Say goodbye to Professor’s Playground and get ready for a new splashing fun at Wild Wild Wet Singapore: the Sea-The-World attraction! New experiences await you, with glorious features all in one place, perfect for you and your family. Wondering about the new attractions? Here are the three key features for you to know before having a splash!

Sea-The-World Features to Explore!

1. Fun 6 new features

Get ready for a splashing fun time with 6 new waterpark features of the attraction! Say hello to our new friends: Funny Bend Bucket, Funnel Water Play, Water Curtain, Water Gun, Multi-functional Splash & Funny Ring Bucket. 

Our new waterpark attraction boasts six exciting features designed to delight and engage young aquatic adventurers. First, the Funny Bend Bucket maximises the intense fun of getting splashed by the water, with its quirky bent pole to give you continuous fun! The Funnel Water Play’s silly mushroom slash flower shape is designed to give never-ending waterpark outdoor adventures!

2. Safe and sound

Our Sea-The-World feature is perfect for everyone – adults and children! Made from full fibreglass materials, you do not have to worry about sharp edges and rusty metals anymore. Fibreglass as the main material for our attraction is safer as it is smooth to the touch, and is highly resistant to corrosion from water and other chemicals (in this case: the common chlorine used in our pools). 

This long-lasting material minimises the number of abrasions and injuries due to the smooth surface feature, making it suitable for delicate skins. Worry about the impact due to the exciting fun? Worry not, our Sea-The-World attraction material is highly resistant to high impact, as fibreglass materials can absorb impacts without any cracks, allowing you and your loved ones to have the utmost fun while staying safe. 

3. Attractive colourful models

Did you know, seeing colours can elevate your mood and dopamine levels? Yup, you heard it right! Dopamine, the substance produced by our brains responsible for making us feel joy and excitement, can be elevated just by looking at colourful features! Colours play a vital role in the design of waterpark attractions, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and user experience. Vibrant colours are strategically chosen to create a visually stimulating environment that excites and attracts visitors of all ages. Bright hues like blues, yellows, and reds are commonly used to evoke a sense of fun and adventure, while also providing clear visibility and safety cues. For instance, contrasting colours can highlight edges, steps, and depth changes in pools, helping to prevent accidents.

Here at Wild Wild Wet Singapore, we want you to experience the excitement all around you! Our new Sea-The-World attraction adopts a colourful series of colours on all of our six features, to promote the increase of dopamine levels and entice younger children to explore the whole attraction!  

Our new waterpark attraction for kids is designed to provide a fun, safe, and engaging experience for children of all ages. With 6 new features, colourful models to boost your happiness and excitement, we will definitely prepare you for an unforgettable and amazing experience, for you and your family! The thoughtfully crafted elements, including an interactive water playground and an interactive kids pool, ensure that every waterpark visit is filled with joy and excitement during the holidays. What are you waiting for? Pack your bathing suits and let's explore Sea-The-World together, have a thrill while being one with the cute sea creatures from the attraction! Don’t forget to check out our on-going promotions for more extreme fun!