Corporate Team Building Activities To Do at Wild Wild Wet Water Park Singapore

Mar 29, 2022, 15:48 PM by Kathleen Wong

If you are interested in hosting great outings & fun team building days, Wild Wild Wet water park Singapore offers you the big corporate event area with full facilities and services. Read more!

Corporate Team Building Activities To Do at Wild Wild Wet Singapore

Teamwork makes the dream work! Looking for a more interesting way to hold corporate team building activities with your team outside the office building?

Look no further as Wild Wild Wet has got you covered. Boost your team’s communication skills, problem-solving skills and overall cross-departmental synergy through our exciting and challenging outdoor team building activity packages.

Check out how you can have fun while developing camaraderie with your team at the Wild Wild Wet Singapore.

Annual Team Building Trip

It’s time to plan for your annual team-building trip, but have no time and resources to plan one out? Leave it to our team of experienced team builders to help you put together corporate team building activities that are tailored to your team’s needs and that are memorable for all!

Leave us a brief for your ideal adventure team-building trip and we’ll build a full-day itinerary for you and your team. You can expect some fun and challenging outdoor team building activities that will be held across several attractions in the water theme park.

From energizers to problem-solving games, programmes can be put together based on the development of different skills like communication, navigation, coordination, cooperation and problem-solving. But one thing’s for sure, it will be 100% maximum fun for all! 

Company Family Day

Staff is the biggest resource of any company. Without happy employees, it would be difficult for your company to grow and pivot as company culture falters. Having company family days are a great way to facilitate bonding and camaraderie between teammates and cross-functional employees, and their families.

Not only does it reduce employee stress altogether, but it also gives everyone a chance to get to know one another and their families outside of the office.

Or if you wish to give your staff an additional perk, the Corporate Wet Suit is a great option. With exceptional perks worth up to $50,000, trust that our Corporate Wet Suit includes a 1-year unlimited access to Wild Wild Wet for up to 4 pax, discounts on in-park merchandise, discounts on cabana rentals, and even a 15% off admission for the 5th person onwards. It's a fantastic deal especially for employees with a slightly bigger family. Come cousins, relatives or your great-uncles and aunties, Wild Wild Wet has something for everyone. Pretty sweet deal for companies looking to give an exceptional staff a day of fun with their family!

Monthly Team Day

Have you noticed some droopy shoulders and tired faces around the office? Yes, it might be the Singaporean heat taking a toll on fellow Singaporeans but it also looks like it’s time to plan a company outing!

Why stop at one when you can have a monthly team day for everyone to look forward to every month? Team outings at Wild Wild Wet water theme park are guaranteed to blow everyone’s minds with thrill rides and awesome attractions that will leave employees refreshed and rejuvenated every month.

Cut the trust-falls and opt for fun group activities on the Torpedo or by the Shiok River! From scavenger hunts to game tournaments around the park, large or small in-house groups, our programmes are built specially to enhance teamwork, improve communication and synergy between team members and of course, a lot of fun. 

3 Tips Before Planning Corporate Team Building Activities

Need help on where to start? Here are some tips on the important items to think about before planning a corporate event with us and we’ll be more than ready to help with the planning and making it happen!

●     Define your goals.

Clear areas of focus and objectives for team building will be helpful when it comes to steering the programme agenda towards the expected output. We’d have a better idea of the activities that would best fit your needs, once we have the goals sorted out.

●     Set a budget.

It would be helpful if a budget is determined, as, with a budget range in mind, we will be able to ensure that we tailor the best programme that fits within your budget.

●     Choose a great time

The best time for team-building events depends on the corporate schedule. Have a look at peak seasons for your business and try organizing team building events during a low season. Also, be sure to ensure your invitees are free before you commit to a day and time, we want everyone to be able to make it!

All set in hosting your corporate event or give your staff a perk they will not forget? For corporate bulk ticket purchases or any other general sales enquiries, contact us to learn more about our outdoor team-building activities and more!

Call Wild Wild Wet to book a package today! Enquire about our Corporate Wet Suit package now.