3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Water Park Wedding at Wild Wild Wet Singapore

Jan 27, 2022, 11:09 AM by Kathleen Wong

Most couples desire memorable wedding but still want to have fun vibe at the same time. If you are looking for a wedding avenue, here are the reasons you should consider a wedding at Wild Wild Wet.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Water Park Wedding at Wild Wild Wet Singapore

Calling all adrenaline-junkie brides! Why not a water park wedding?

If you’re planning for a wedding and are looking for fun outdoor wedding venues in Singapore, nothing is cooler than a water park wedding, especially in hot and humid Singapore. 

Not every couple desires a traditional church or garden wedding, and that’s a fact. If you’re known to be the one that’s always thinking of creative ideas for weddings, imagine plunging down a launch chamber fuelled by water jets right after you pledge your vows to your partner for life.   

Whether you love the prospect of chilling on the lazy river with your better half or, consider yourself a thrill ride regular, we’re here to help make your big event a special and memorable one. 

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why Wild Wild Wet Singapore is one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Singapore to hold your water park wedding:

Elegant Set Up with Wedding Decor

Don’t worry if a water park wedding sounds a bit too off the beaten track for you. With an amusement park wedding at Wild Wild Wet Singapore, the main event which includes a proper elegant set up with wedding arch and aisle decor at the Jacuzzi Poolside. 

The Jacuzzi Poolside and Outdoor Spa as the ultimate water park solemnization venue in Singapore offer a picturesque event space with the soothing sounds of the jacuzzi waterfall to accompany you as you walk down the aisle, say your wedding vows and exchange rings with your better half. It’s all very romantic!

From flower arrangements to the ring pillow and signing pens, leave the stress of venue planning to us and focus on you and your better half on your special day.

Fun Celebration Vibes At Water Park

Most traditional weddings will be a morning church affair or over a meal and that’s all. With a theme park wedding, every party guest will be able to celebrate with you by partying it up all day riding exciting water slides and having a little wind down on the lazy river. 

It’s not just a celebration of two people coming together, but also a celebration of life and friendship at one of the coolest outdoor wedding venues in Singapore. Imagine jumping onto the Kraken Racers after your solemnisation ceremony and having a little competition on the water slides with your other half and family members! 

Not forgetting the kids present at the wedding, the Professor’s Playground will generate hours of fun in the sun for the kids. Decked out with splashy fixtures like slides, water cannons and even water fountains, playing in the water has never been this fun and exciting.

For older guests who prefer relaxation over the thrill rides, they can take a breather and escape from all the partying on the Shiok River Long Swimming Pool, where they can relax on this never-ending river that will last as long as you want. Tubes are optional for those who prefer to travel at their own pace. 

Don’t you worry about bored guests, there will be an attraction for everyone! 

Once In A Lifetime Event

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event that solidifies your relationship with your better half, for better or for worse. Why not make it a once in a lifetime experience that everyone will remember for years to come! 

Coming together with your other half at a fun-filled all-day event by holding a water park wedding would enhance the highlight of your lives against a memorable setting. Just imagine the stories you’ll tell your future children and when you look back at your wedding day. Well, the photos will definitely say it all! 

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The bottom line is it’s YOUR wedding, and not anybody else’s. So, do it your way and have it be at one of the most memorable outdoor wedding venues in Singapore! Contact us now at corpsales@ntucclub.com.sg or Whatsapp 9021 2844, and start planning your special day with us now!