White-water rafting was never this fun!

The first raft slide in Southeast Asia, Ular-Lah is a super flume ride that offers you a chance to brave the rapids with five other companions. Ideal for thrill and adrenaline seekers, it's the closest thing you'll ever experience next to white water rafting!

Be the first to race to a spectacular finish in the landing pool, but don't be disappointed if it's over too soon. You can always reward yourself with another ride!



Child between 1m and 1.21m to be accompanied by an adult. Child below 1m strictly not allowed.

Height Safety Info

Minimum Height
Below the Minimum
Less than 1m strictly not allowed
Water Depth
Seating Arrangement
Max - 6 pax. Max Weight 453 kg
Child between 1m and 1.21m to be accompanied by adult
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