Will you survive the drop?

Experience free-falling from four storeys high and twist and turn on Torpedo! You never know G-Force can be this fun!

The first of its kind in Singapore, the all-new Torpedo ejects you from an 18-metre-high capsule right into a heart-stopping free fall, which propels you straight into a manic trajectory of hair raising twist and turns at mind-numbing speed of up to 70km/hr.

Get set for jar-dropping, hair raising and adrenalin-pumping adventures at Torpedo.




Children less than 1.22m in height are strictly not allowed on this ride.

Height Safety Info

Minimum Height
Below the Minimum
Less than 1.22m strictly not allowed
Water Depth
16 inches
Seating Arrangement
One pax per slide. Max weight 136 kg
Not for the faint hearted
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