Calling all adrenaline junkies!

Imagine plunging down a four-storey ramp, accelerating until you hit the deck and skimming across to soar on the opposite side. Now repeat that several times until your momentum runs out!

Ever wished you could skateboard like a pro? Here's your chance to do so on a platform slicked with water for that extra kick! Powered by gravity and kinetic energy, the Slide Up is a cool way to indulge your need for speed.

But just remember there's always room for improvement. So grab an inflatable raft, settle in and start shoving off!


Height Safety Info

Minimum Height
Below the Minimum
Child between 1.2 metres and 1.46 metres must be accompanied by an adult. Less than 1.2m strictly not allowed
Water Depth
Seating Arrangement
2 pax per tube Max Weight 270 kg This ride is an aggressive motion ride.
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