Take the plunge down a near-vertical drop at speeds of up to 50 feet per second on one of Asia's longest free fall water slides!




To continue bringing you exhilarating thrills at the next new attractions at Wild Wild Wet, Free Fall will be temporarily closed from 22 May 2017.

But you will not be left disappointed as we will continue to bring an overload of fun with The Woosh. An inflatable dual-lane body slide, you can slide down the entire length of 50m from a height of 4.5m, competing with a friend to slide down faster.

Click here to find out more about The Woosh!

Children less than 1.2m in height are strictly not allowed on this ride.

Height Safety Info

Minimum Height
Below the Minimum
Less than 1.2m
Seating Arrangement
One pax per ride
Near vertical drop. Suitable for thrill seekers. Not for the faint-hearted
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